With our in-depth industry experience, we understand the requirement for consultant staff to excel, obtain satisfaction from his employment, develop his professional abilities and receive proper financial rewards and security. We carefully pick the outstanding candidates, forward them to client-company for challenging work and increased responsibility based on a record of achievement and demonstrated potential for further progress.
We operate within the framework of core values which include cohesive management, financial stability and strength, professionalism, stable structure, strong performance ethic, shared value, team-work and empowerment, honesty and integrity, motivated staff, transparency and honesty of actions, etc. These practices are geared towards delivering Continuous Quality Outputs to our clients on just-in-time (JIT) basis under all circumstances.

We - ABC Consultancy, advise our clients on each aspect of building and developing top management teams, including appointments, management appraisals and organizational advise.
We provide our clients the most effective solutions with a committed approach. Our team of consultants personally handles every step of each assignment following the strictest ethical standards.
Our firm is owned by a senior and a seasoned executive from the industry with over twenty years of experience in supplying man-power to a diverse range of Industries including Breweries and Distilleries, Hospitality, Office Automation, Packaging, Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Health care in India and Abroad.

Data Bank... A Pool of Talented People
We have a large nation-wide data bank facility, from which we recommend the people who fit the desired profile the best. The extensive data bank is updated regularly, through media, paper advertisements, and of course by the word of mouth.
Confirmation of References
Once the client finalizes the candidate, we offer additional service of checking up on the references, before the issue of appointment letter. Our concern is to ensure that the best person is hired and not simply placed on a short term basis.

Advertising & Screening
We take complete responsibility of drafting advertisements, selecting the appropriate media and releasing them. Once people respond to the advertisement, we scrutinize the resumes and shortlist the candidates for the preliminary interviews. After which, we select the best people whom we feel the client should interview. Through the elimination process, we continuously interact with the client & forward only the pick of the crop.
Head-hunting Search Facility
This is a well-known fact that some of the best talent responds more favourably to a person-to-person approach. We specialize in this search facility. Since we work closely with client, our initial screening process separates the wheat from the chaff and we send only those people who we feel would fit the role best. Unless of course, the client asks us for the broader choice and more options.

"We are committed to providing services to our clients with Leadership, Quality, Integrity & Reliability."

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